About Us

The KeyxenticToken is the First of it’s kind Multi-Modal Bio-Authenticated Certified Secure Encryption key Token (USB/iOS Key Token) with an integrated decentralized Crypto-Wallet, MicroSD drive, Smart Card Reader, and Recovery Smart Card!

The KeyXentic Smart Token is an elegant and user-friendly all encompassing digital data security solution that creates the NEW STANDARD for personal and professional data protection.

The KeyXentic KX906 Smart Token is made in and imported from Taipei, Taiwan. (ROC) Proudly Made-in-Taiwan!

KeyXentic Inc., until now has provided government and enterprise encryption solutions for clients and partners. KeyXentic Inc. is led by the same dynamic team of cyber-security developers that created the Citizen Digital Certificate issued by the Interior Ministry Certificate Authority of Taiwan. KeyXentic Inc. is well known in Taiwan (ROC) for it’s service in protecting the data of some 10 million of the island nation’s Citizens with the Citizen Digital Certificate (E-Passport).

The company’s mission is to provide a simple and intuitive data encryption solution and secure, anonymous wallets and transactions for everyday people.

KeyxenticToken.com is owned and operated by HGAC LLC Ltd. Trading Co. TW Br. and is the Sole Authorized Global Supply Chain Distributor for Keyxentic Inc. products and services. HGAC LLC Ltd. Trading Co. TW Br. is a company founded in Montana, USA with a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan.