Keyxentic Smart Token
Keyxentic Smart Token

The Keyxentic Token is the first of it’s kind Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication Certified Secure Encryption key token with Crypto-Wallet, Smart Card Reader, and Recovery Smart Card!

Keyxentic Smart Token
Keyxentic Smart Token

The Keyxentic Token works with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS, and PC. With our multi-modal biometric identification token, users now have a simple and elegant identification experience when encrypting all of their data.

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How to Purchase a Key Xentic Token

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There are various reasons that the key is needed. First, if you want to take an item and have it shipped, you will need the key in order to open the box. This is done so that the item that is being shipped can be opened properly by the shipping company. The shipping company will not want to receive an item that has been opened by someone without authorization.

Another reason for having the key Xentic is when you are having trouble with your security software. The key that is used to unlock the software is usually found inside the device. Once the key is extracted, the key can be used to open the software and fix the problem. This makes the key very useful because it can also be used to open up the system that is used for your home alarm.

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- Secure Email signing and encryption
- File encryption and data protection
- Cloud server encryption and data protection
- PDF Security (signing and encryption)
- Secure access control with identification and authentication
- Anonymous and secure cryptocurrency wallet and transactions

We designed the Keyxentic Token hardware to access state-of-the-art encryption software with the ease of a press of your finger.

The Keyxentic Token is the perfect combination of secure hardware and safe data protection software that delivers a new unprecedented level of cybersecurity and privacy.

Security software is not just a set of functions, the Keyxentic Token is built on a solid philosophy and history of cybersecurity while addressing a users real security needs.

We provide a variety of software components that allow users to access daily life applications securely without making a trade-off between security and convenience.

With the Keyxentic Token on your iOS device all of your data is secured and future proofed.

Our mobile devices are integral to our daily lives. As digital services migrate to cloud platforms your mobile device has the potential to become a major security liability without the proper encrypted protections. The future of cloud services creates vulnerabilities for our mobile devices, with our bio-authenticated smart token your valuable digital data is secure everywhere you and your mobile goes.

Note: The Keyxentic Token is currently only for iOS devices, an Android version will be released soon sometime in the future. The Keyxentic Token is fully compatible with PC environments.

Secure Your Data with Your Fingerprint

From now on all of your data is secured with a key that you and only you possess.

Keyxentictoken How it works

  • foto Biometric Encryption Encryption is not enough to secure your data, biometric encryption is the next step in the evolution of cybersecurity. Your biometric fingerprint authenticates your identity giving you access to powerful encryption software that secures all your digital assets.

    With our smart card backup system your fingerprint is safely stored in case you may lose your Keyxentic token so you never have to worry about cybersecurity again.

  • foto File Encryption The Keyxentic Token comes bundled with several apps and encryption software that make your files unreadable and unusable until your biometric authenticated identification is provided.
  • foto Data Encrypted in the Cloud The Keyxentic Token syncs all of your encrypted files and data stored on cloud drives like iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. Your new Keyxentic Token provides a biometric key to locking all of your data in the Cloud.
  • foto Email Encryption Email is one of the most popular modes of communication in the digital age, however it is also the most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. The Keyxentic Token creates peerless biometric authenticated peer-to-peer encryption that secures all of your emails.
  • foto PDF Security Prevent tampering, protect intellectual property and ensure access to intellectual property shared on PDF files. The Keyxentic Token creates a completely secure envirnoment with e-signatures and encryption.
  • foto Secure Cryptocurrency With the Keyxentic Token you can enjoy anonymous cryptocurrency transactions and an anonymous crypto-wallet secured with biometric encryption.

KeyxenticToken tech specs

System Requirements

  • An iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) with iOS version 10 or higher
  • A PC/Laptop with Windows XP/7/8/10, Unbuntu 10.04 + or macOS 10.6 +


  • Multi-modal authentication: Biometric, Public Key, PIN authentication
  • Secure key container
  • Key backup with smart card with multi-modal authentication
  • Hardware cryptographic acceleration(AES 256 Bits) for data and disk(MicroSD Card) encryption
  • Public key infrastructure(PKI) function and X.509 certificate supported
  • Open Authentication Reference Architecture(OATH) one time password(OTP) and OATH challenge-response algorithm(OCRA) supported
  • Fingerprint (ISO 19794-2 / Proprietary format) Match-On-Card supported
  • Bitcoin wallet supported


  • RSA 1024/2048
  • ECC 192/256/320 (Multiple Named Curves)
  • ECDSA, NIST and Brainpool Curves
  • ECDH
  • Wrap/Unwrap
  • SHA-1, SHA-2
  • Hardware Crypto-Accelerator(AES256)

Security, Safety, Environmental Compliance

  • Built-in Secure Element Hardware : CC (Common Criteria) EAL 5+
  • Built-in Secure Element COS (Card Operation System) :FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • CE, FCC Class B, BSMI, RoSH

Physical Specifications

  • USB 2.0 Type A Connector for PC
  • Apple Lightning for iOS devices
  • MicroSD Card Reader (Up to 256GB)
  • EMV Compliant / PCSC StandardSmart Card Reader (ISO7816 Smart Card)
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Area Sensor with 160*160 pixels, Spatial resolution 508 DPI
  • Indicator Light : Red, Green, Blue LEDs

KeyxenticToken ABOUT US

A First of it’s kind Multi-Modal Bio-Authenticated Certified Secure Encryption key with Crypto-Wallet, Smart Card Reader, and Recovery Smart Card!

The KeyXentic Smart Token is an elegant and user-friendly all encompassing digital data security solution that creates the NEW STANDARD for personal and professional data protection.

The KeyXentic KX906 Smart Token is made in and imported from Taiwan.  (ROC) Use the contact form below to apply to become a Wholesaler or Reseller.

KeyXentic Inc. until now has provided government and enterprise encryption solutions. KeyXentic Inc. is lead by the developers of the Citizen Digital Certificate issued by the Interior Ministry Certificate Authority of Taiwan. It is well known in Taiwan (ROC) for it’s service in protecting the data of the island nation’s citizens with the Citizen Digital Certificate. The company’s mission is to provide a simple and intuitive data encryption solution for the daily lives of everyday people. is owned and operated by HGAC LLC Ltd. Trading Co. TW Br. an Authorized Global Supply Chain Distributor for Keyxentic Inc. products and services. HGAC LLC Ltd. Trading Co. TW Br. is a company founded in Montana, USA with a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan.

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